Counseling and therapy 

During counseling at Hand in Hand, we focus on emotional, social, vocational, educational, health-related, developmental and organizational concerns with our clients.

Our talented staff is well-versed and capable of helping you achieve your personal and professional goals by gaining further insight and clarity into your life. 

Case management

Our case managers work with at risk individuals and families to bring community-based support available to them.

Case management at Hand in Hand consists of a range of services to support individuals and families in developing their skills to gain access to much needed medical and behavioral health, housing, employment, social, educational, services, all of which are essential to meeting basic human needs.

Peer support 

Hand in Hand has a variety of experienced peer support professionals to assist clients with a diverse list of needs.

Peer support services are conducted by other individuals who have similar life experiences as their clients in efforts to provide support, strength and hope to their peers.

Community based rehabilitation services  

CBRS is an array of mental health services that are focused on promoting recovery and improving your quality of life.

Hand in Hand’s CBRS services, which are provided client homes or communities, include: coping skills, communication skills, symptom management, problem solving skills, social skills, community living skills, crisis support and more. 

Medical management

Hand in Hand offers medical management services to clients in attempt to assist you in finding the right medication for your mental health needs.

Sit down with a member of our team to find the right medication, dosage and price-point for you.

Groups and group activities

Similar to peer support, Hand in Hand offers monthly group classes and activities to help at risk members of our community.

Activities for youths and adults include: resume classes, budgeting classes, employment classes, juvenile corrections classes as well as fun activities to improve social skills.